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How to avoid a skip damaging my driveway.

Will the skip damage my driveway?

Household skip hire is the most convenient way to get rid of rubbish from your home.  While skip hire is a great option, some customers are worried and ask ‘will the skip damage the driveway?’  Unlimited bins have many customers that have asked how to avoid the skip damaging my driveway.Skips may mark your driveway due to a number of reasons.  These include the weight of the skip and type of waste in it. If you have a skip for renovation or landscaping material that include heavy waste the skip will be heavy. This makes the risk of marking your driveway greater.The nature of your driveway will also depend on whether or not a skip will damage it.  Some customers have concrete driveways, brick driveways, paved or gravel driveways.  It is entirely up to the customer as to where they decide to place the skip.

Prevent damage to my driveway

If the driveway is the only option for skip placement there are a few options to consider.  To prevent damage to your driveway you can put some large pieces of board down.  Another option is to place thick cardboard or timber planks down. Our drivers can then place the skip onto the board or timber so there is no direct contact with your driveway.  This will also help reduce the risk of scratching on your driveway.When ordering a skip bin to your home the driveway is the most convenient place to put a skip. The skip is nice and close for you to be able to load the skip.

Other skip placement options

To avoid damage to your driveway all together, you have the option to place the skip on the nature strip or road outside of your house.  Although this sometime does have additional costs for council permits. Our staff will be happy to arrange the permit when you place your skip bin orderWe will also discuss with you the best option for skip placement at your property.