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Be Smart, Choose Tap Water

Going about your daily routines whether you’re at work, school or just going for a walk around your local park, you may have come across a water station clearly stating ‘Be Smart, Choose Tap’. These water stations are part of a fantastic program introduced to promote tap water. With over 8000 locations offering free tap water. Stations are set up in parks, sports centers, hospitals, universities and schools all over Victoria. While out through the week I came across one of these stations at Edendale Farm in Eltham and have noticed quite a few around other locations. The Be Smart, Choose Tap initiative is not only great at promoting a healthy way to hydrate, it is also a wonderful way that we can all save a few dollars by not buying bottles and bottles of water every time we are thirsty. It is unbelievable to know that we spend more than $500 million a year on bottled water when we have such great quality water available for free. By not buying bottles of water and other bottled drinks we are also helping the environment. As we all know plastics are causing lots of damage to our environment because they can end up in landfill and take years to decompose. So many bottles also end up in our water ways polluting the water and harming our marine life. This initiative benefits all of the community, is it so handy to be able to fill up your drink bottle at some many locations for free at sporting events, festivals and parks and gardens. It also plays a valuable role in educating our kids about the importance of drinking water and that we don’t always have to buy water. Australia was officially voted second in the world for having great quality water. So there is no reason we shouldn’t be making use of our water. It’s the healthiest option for our bodies to keep hydrated.