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Business Waste Melbourne

There are so many different types of companies and businesses in and around Melbourne. While the type of business differs, they all contribute one way or another to the large amounts of waste that goes to landfill sites across Melbourne. Many business do have recycling plans and sustainability plans in place, but there are still many that need to put plans into place. We all need to do our part to help reduce waste and recycle more to help keep Melbourne and Australia beautiful. Offices of all types can produce huge amounts of paper and cardboard that can be recycled. There can also be plenty of plastic drink containers and glass that can easily be recycled. Retail business can do their part by reducing the amount of plastic bags they use. Many retail outlets have changed to single use bags which is a great start to reducing bags and bags of waste in landfill. These bags can take years to break down. When it comes to building and construction site waste, there is bound to be plenty of timber, concrete, metal and much more that can easily be recycled. At Skip Hire Melbourne we provide many businesses with walk in skip bins of all sizes. Whether it’s a building and construction client located on in the Melbourne CBD, or a small office located in Hawthorn. We can help with your recycling waste with a skip bin suitable to carry heavy builders waste or a pile of cardboard and paper. We can take the hassle out of trying to get your recyclables to a tip site.