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Easter Recycling

Easter is a great holiday that most of us spend with family and friends. Some of us are lucky enough to get away for the long weekend. With all of us doing various activities of the break what a lot of us will have in common is the overload of chocolate Easter eggs and hot cross buns. From Easter egg hunts with the kids to gifts from family, there can end up being a huge amount of chocolate. Easter is a time of year that we can indulge a little, after all who doesn’t love a bit of chocolate, and hot cross buns are delicious. But with all the treats coming wrapped in fancy foil and boxes what can we do with all the waste? There is bound to be a heap Easter egg foil, cardboard boxes from chocolates and other gifts and hot cross bun bags. The good news is that we can recycle some of this waste that we accumulate over Easter. All the colourful foil that comes with the chocolate eggs can be scrunched into a ball and placed straight into the recycling bin. Making the foil into a ball ensures that the smaller pieces don’t miss out on the recycling process. Cardboard boxes and cartons that contain chocolate eggs can go straight in the recycling bin as well. It may be a good idea to flatten the boxes so that you have plenty of room for over recyclables. Unfortunately, the bags from the hot cross buns can’t go into your home recycling bin. It is important that these bags don’t go in this bin so the rest of the waste in the bin can go through the recycling process a little easier. Any form of soft plastics, including hot cross bun bags are not suitable for the recycling bin. Soft plastics like hot cross bun bags can be returned to your local Woolworths or Coles REDcycle bin. The Easter long weekend should be a time to relax and enjoy quality time with friends and family. But, we need to remember that we can’t relax our recycling efforts, recycling needs to happen every day of the year. Especially around festive periods when there is usually more waste. If we all take the time to do our bit to recycle we are doing great things in reducing landfill.