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Green Waste Bin Hire

Green waste skip hire is one great way to get rid of all your excess garden waste. It is so easy for gardens to become overgrown so quickly and sometimes before you know it the weeds seem to be popping up everywhere. When your home green recycling bin is filled, often more waste can still be accumulated. This is when hiring a skip bin from Skip Hire Melbourne is the perfect solution. We have a huge range of skip bins suitable for green waste, our smallest bin being 2m³ right up to a big 24m³. Green waste includes any grass cuttings, plants, flowers, shrubs, small tree branches, weeds, leaves, and twigs. The great news is all of this is 100% recyclable. It’s so important that green waste is recycled. If green waste is sent to landfill it ends up mixed in with other rubbish items. As with other waste in landfill, it is often compacted so tightly that no oxygen gets to it. When green waste is decomposing without oxygen it causes methane gases to be produced. Methane gas is a potent greenhouse gas and has a negative impact on the environment. A very important reason we need to continue to recycle our green waste. The green waste collected in our skip bins is collected is returned to our transfer station, sorted and piled into a large skip bin and sent off for further recycling. Recycled green waste can be turned into mulch or compost for the home gardener, landscapers or nurseries to use. While our skip bins may look sturdy enough to carry all garden waste, it is important that you only fill it with green waste. This ensures that recycling can be carried out effectively. Green waste bins are not suitable to carry heavy garden waste such as soil, pebbles or rocks.