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How to Help Recycle Better

With so many options for recycling it’s sometimes hard to figure what we need to do and what we don’t need to do. What should go in this bin and what should go in that bin? There is much information it can get confusing. Councils play a very important role in ensuring we are provided with good waste disposal and recycling services. While most of us do the right thing with our home recycling, there is always that little bit extra we can do that will go a long way to assist in recycling efforts. Here are some tips that can help with our councils with our weekly kerbside bin collections.
  • You don’t need to wash and scrub clean containers, but try to scrape the food off before it goes in the recycle bin.
  • Soft plastics such as cling wrap, plastic wrappers and plastic bags don’t go in the recycling bin. One plastic bag filled with recyclables can contaminate the whole bin, making it very difficult to recycle anything in the bin.
  • Aerosol cans can go in the recycle bin as long as they are empty and the lid and can go in separate.
  • Single use coffee cups can’t be recycled, these need to go in the rubbish bin. It’s best to get yourself a good reusable coffee cup instead.
  • Bottle tops and container lids should be left on. Try not to break grass bottles and containers in the recycling bin.
  • A great space saver is to flatten cardboard boxes or even cut or tear it up into smaller pieces.
  • Try and roll aluminium trays and aluminium foil into a ball.
These a just a few little tips to assist you when it comes to your weekly recycling bin collection. Finally, if you are in doubt about something going into your recycling bin its best to leave it out.