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Maribyrnong River Waste

When it comes to rubbish and recycling the majority of people do the right thing.  But there are still people that continue to throw their rubbish on the ground because they can’t see a bin.  So, the easy option is to just drop it and hope nobody notices.  When you get a few people doing this each day all this rubbish and waste must end up somewhere and more often than not it ends up in our water ways.  Many of Melbourne’s rivers and water ways are littered with plastic bottles and other waste.Recently the Maribyrnong River underwent a big clean up over 10 days.  The Maribyrnong River Blitz saw many volunteers spent the just over a week removing plastic waste from the river.  They removed lots of plastic bottles and other waste, as well as two bikes that had been dumped.  There 1.5 tonne of rubbish.  Alarmingly there was 2870 plastic water bottles cleared from a small section of the river.Dumping rubbish in our water ways not only looks disgusting but it does so much damage to the environment.  The Maribyrnong River flows into Port Phillip Bay so you can only imagine the damage all the rubbish does to marine life and its definitely not nice to head to the beach in the bay area and see it littered with waste that has washed up from joining water ways.  After a heavy rain fall it is not uncommon to see a stream of plastic bottles flowing down the river.  The bottles that have been dumped get washed down gutters as well as down the river’s banks and into the water ways.Putting rubbish in a bin sounds like a simple thing to do, but unfortunately this doesn’t happen all the time, causing litter and ugly rubbish on our streets.  We all need to take the time to either find a bin for our waste or take our rubbish home.  If we can all to the right thing when it comes to waste, hopefully our rivers and water ways will one day be clean and free of waste and rubbish.