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Melbourne Zoo Recycling Efforts

Melbourne Zoo is a fantastic day out for many locals of Melbourne. It also attracts thousands of tourists each year. While there is so many different animals to see and many activities for young and old to enjoy, the zoo also has a fantastic recycling program. Not only Melbourne Zoo but also Werribee Zoo and Healesville Sanctuary are aiming towards zero waste. These zoo’s already have various programs introduced to help our environment as well as benefit the many animals living in the zoo. Melbourne zoo have a three bin system that includes general waste bins, recyclable bin and green waste bin. There is a large composter at Melbourne Zoo called Hot Rot, that is used to compost garden waste from the zoo’s grounds , bedding straw from the animal enclosures and compostable food packaging that is used at the cafes within the zoo. This compost is recycled to be used as a soil improver and is great to use on the garden beds and is also great to kill weeds. The Hot Rot at Melbourne Zoo saves two tonne of waste going to landfill each day. Another of the great recycle efforts that the Melbourne Zoo is undertaking is reducing single use plastic. As we all know everywhere we turn there are plastic items used for many things. One of the major issues is single used plastics used for drinks and straws. Melbourne Zoo are now working towards banning single use plastic bottles. From May 1, the zoo will no longer provide soft drinks or water in plastic bottles. Plastic bags will no longer be used either. This ban of single use plastics at Victoria’s Zoo’s is a wonderful way to work towards zero waste and reducing landfill. This ban is sending a positive message to its visitors from all around the world, and another way Victoria’s zoos are doing great things for conservation and helping the environment for everyone.