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Moving House Clean Up

After spending countless Saturdays looking through open houses, inspection after inspection, you’ve settled on your new home.  It’s a very exciting time.Then you realise  it’s time to get started with packing up and moving to your new home.Sorting and packing up everything in your home is time consuming and exhausting.  This is a great time to be ruthless and make sure you declutter as you go.  Make yourself a list to help make things go smoothly.Include everything that needs to be done for your move.  These may include:
  • Disconnect and connect utilities
  • Redirect mail
  • Pack up bedrooms
  • Pack up bathrooms
  • Pack up kitchen
  • Organise removalist
You will soon realise so much needs to be done.  Along with packing everything away, there will be a lot of items that you no longer need to take with you.  The bits and pieces that accumulate over time can go straight in the rubbish.Hiring a skip bin is a great way to get rid of anything that you don’t want to move to your new home.  Skip hire Melbourne has a great range of walk in skip bins for hire to help with any unwanted items.When you hire a skip bin it will help reduce any extra and unnecessary stress from your move.  The skip bin will be right there and you won’t need to worry about what to do with the rubbish, or when you will find the time to get to the tip.  Concentrating on the most important task of unpacking all of your items at your new home and getting settled.