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Plastic Bottle Recycling

When you walk into any milk bar, service station or supermarket in search a cold drink you will find an extensive variety of drinks to choose from. Everything from soft drink to flavoured milks and the increasingly popular healthy juice options are on offer. We are really spoiled for choice. But while it is great to have so many options when it comes to choosing a cold drink there is one thing that all these drinks have in common, and that is they all come in a plastic bottle. Far too many plastic bottles are ending up in landfill with only 36% being recycled. Plastic bottles are among the 10 most common waste items that are picked up during Clean Up Australia day. These bottles are having a huge impact on our environment. They take up to 1000 years to break down and when they end up in the oceans they kill marine life. It is nice to occasionally indulge in a soft drink, we need to be strict on what we do with the bottles we have bought from milk bars and service stations. There are always plenty of recycling bins around, but if you can’t find one you should take the bottle home and pop it in your yellow recycle bin. We should also think twice before we buy bottled water, although sometimes it is necessary, there are many other options that are cheaper and far more environmentally friendly. If you are after something a little fizzy, why not invest in a Soda Stream. Soda Stream have bottles that can be used many times over and are a healthier option than the sugar filled soft drinks that you buy. If you prefer to hydrate with water, there are plenty of reusable water bottles on offer. These include glass bottles, stainless steel bottles, BPA free water bottles, Insulated water bottles and even bamboo water bottles. With so many options available we can avoid buying drinks in plastic bottles and help conserve resources and in turn preserve our environment.