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Recycling and Climate Change

There has been so much talk about climate change in recent months. Climate change is a change in weather patterns and the cause of this is largely due to increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is a very important issues and it is affected by various things happening in the environment. Many things we all do each day has an effect on the environment. Things such as driving a car, using electricity, fossil fuel consumption, clearing land to build houses and everyday things we take for granted like spraying an aerosol can. All these daily activities are having a huge impact on climate change and the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. When it comes to climate change and helping reduce carbon dioxide in the environment it is important that we reuse and recycle. Reducing landfill sizes will help climate change and to do this we need to recycle. Using recycled paper is one way to help. Many trees are cut down to produce paper and with trees being cut down carbon is released into the atmosphere. When you think about it, trees are not only cut down to make paper but also to clear land to build housing estates, which is releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and that is having a negative effect on climate change. Recycling not only paper but also plastics, metals and glass as well as e-waste and household goods can reduce landfill sizes. Recycling these items and much more reduces the need to use natural resources to build new things repeatedly. This will reduce the harmful effect and damage being done to the world. Many people don’t realise the amount of energy it takes to make new products and if we are recycling it means we are using less raw materials which in turn produces lower carbon emissions. With a little more thought and effort we can change our habits and reduce landfill sizes and help the impact of climate change.