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Recycling and Waste in Melbourne’s CBD

The Melbourne CBD is always full of lots of exciting things happening. Thousands of people visit the CBD for either work or just a wonder around the great shops and cafes and restaurants. But, have you ever wondered what happens to the rubbish that some of the many cafes in the CBD produce? The city of Melbourne has many bins all over the streets of the CBD, these bins collect up to 3,500 tonnes of rubbish a year. While the number of visitors and residents increase there have been some innovative ways to manage waste and to also help recycle. Some of Melbourne’s laneways now have garbage compactors and recycling hubs. These hubs are an ideal way for residents and businesses to dispose of waste in one central location. The compactors are accessible anytime using an access card and take garbage bags and compress the waste so that more can fit in. This means some laneways that were once home to numerous bins that were often overfilled and smelly now have one single garbage compactor. The hubs are located in Bullens Lane and Lacey Place in Chinatown, Kirks Lane near the very popular Hardware lane, Caledonian Lane and Balcombe Place. Walking around the CBD you will also notice many rubbish bins. There are approximately 2000 litter bins and 500 cigarette butt bins. There are also recycling bins, these bins are next to a general litter bin and are easily recognised with a yellow recycling symbol. The city has 400 solar smart bins, these bins are a great initiative to help with the growing waste in our city streets. The smart bins are fitted with solar powered sensor that will send out alerts when the bin needs to be emptied. Like the garbage compactors and recycling hubs these bins also use a compacting system to compress waste ensuring that it doesn’t overflow onto the footpath. With many people calling Melbourne home and thousands of visitors each year, it is great to see the City of Melbourne taking important steps in waste management to reduce waste, keep our streets clean and sustain our environment.