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Recycling at the MCG

Along with the start of spring, September brings with it a change in the weather and the start of many exciting events in and around Melbourne, including the Spring Racing Carnival and the Royal Melbourne Show.  Spring also sees the AFL finals series begin and with the AFL grand final just around the corner, many Victorians excitedly following the finals series.  With much of the focus being on the teams in the finals and the football itself, there is a stand out location that is host to finals games here in Melbourne, the MCG.  The Melbourne Cricket Ground is the home of AFL and is one of the largest stadiums in the world.   Last year there were over 3.5 million visitors to the MCG.While the MCG is host some great sporting events and with so many people visiting each year there can be more than 2000 tonnes of waste generated.  Over the last decade there has been new processes introduced to reduce waste, energy and water usage.  Waste is sorted and divided into different categories including glass, plastic, metal and soil.  Like the recycling processes here at Skip Hire Melbourne, although the MCG has a much larger and concentrated area to remove waste and recycle.  After each game there are huge amounts of waste to clean, including food waste, pie wrappers and plastic drinking cups and bottles.  Each bin is sorted and placed in the correct area for recycling.Food scrapes and grass clippings are fed into a special machine that can convert this type of waste into fertiliser for the gardens that surround the ground.  Soft plastics are sent off for recycling to make bollards and furniture, which the MCG  buys and installs around the ground.  The MCG also has its own water recycling plant, and can produce 180 million litres of recycled water each year.With the AFL grand final only a week away and many people set to visit in the next week, the MCG has great processes in place to do its part to reduce landfill.