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Recycling Mobile Phones

There seems to be a never ending list of things we can now recycle. This is great for the environment as it takes the pressure off us when we try and figure out what to do with our unwanted stuff. One items that most of us have is a mobile phone, and with technology changing so rapidly we are replacing and upgrading up phones just to keep up with the changes. I’m sure most of us remember the old Nokia phones that were so popular 20 years ago. Thinking back to that older type of phone and compare it to what we have access to now, the difference is incredible. So much has changed. With so many changes there are bound to be lots of old, unwanted mobile phones lying around. A great recycling program that has been started in Australia is Mobile Muster. Mobile Muster is a program that recycles mobile phones. This program is voluntarily funded by the major mobile phone companies so that we have a free recycling service for our old mobile phones. This is a great program that is helping reduce the carbon footprint. Have a look through your drawers and you may find an old phone or two, even old chargers. Once you have your unwanted phones all you need to do is drop it off at your nearest mobile phone retail store or simply pick up a reply paid envelope from your nearest post office and send it off to be recycled by Mobile Muster.