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Skip Hire During Lockdown

Second lockdown in Melbourne

The second lockdown in Melbourne is in full swing and many people are working from home, home schooling or just doing their best to stay home due to covid-19 restrictions.  The restrictions are important for us to stop the spread and get back to normal life.  While it may be a juggling act to work at home and home school, as many of us are doing, you might find yourself looking for a little bit extra to do around the house.  This is the perfect time for a lockdown clean out.

Lockdown clean out

 The weather is a bit chillier during this second lockdown meaning not so many walks and bike rides in the sunshine.  Spending so much time inside you might find yourself looking around thinking you are about due for a clean out. A lockdown clean out is a great opportunity to go through all your things and declutter.  And what better time to do this than during a lockdown when you can’t really go anywhere.

Order a skip bin

 One of the good things about being home so much is that you will have that bit of extra time to spend cleaning up and decluttering.  Why not go through each room and start making a few different piles ready to sort through.  One for keeping, one for donation and one for tossing away.  Once you’ve sorted through each room and got you piles organised you can jump on the phone and order a skip bin.  Here at Unlimited Bins we have a range of skips that are suitable for domestic clean ups.  We will deliver a skip to your home on time ready to be loaded.  Having a skip placed in your driveway is the ideal way to get rid of unwanted waste. And a perfect way to declutter during this second lockdown.Unlimited Bins have remained open during the Covid-19 pandemic operating as an essential service.  We are operating in accordance with health regulations and all our staff are well informed of safe procedures.  We continue to provide our customers with a reliable skip hire service during these uncertain times.  For more information on our no contact delivery skip hire call 9460-5333 or visit or