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What to consider when hiring a skip bin

When hiring a skip bin there is going to be a few things to consider. There are many reasons where a skip bin will be required, such as a renovation, a home declutter and tidy up, landscaping project, a moving to a new house clean out or a factory clean out. While hiring a skip bin is a simple process a few decisions need to be made beforehand.

What type of waste is going in the skip bin?

The first thing you will need to consider is the type of waste you have. If you are renovating, you may have plenty of heavy building material like plaster or tiles. With renovation items you will need to hire a heavy waste bin or mixed waste bin. These bins are suitable for building material including bricks, concrete, timber, tiles or plaster. As this is a mixed bin you can throw all these items in together.

Skip bin hire for lighter household waste such as furniture, white goods or old toys will require a general waste skip bin. These bins are available at a cheaper rate and come in a variety of sizes. General waste skip bins are ideal for household clean outs, garage clean outs, garden clean up or an office tidy. These bins are not suitable to carry heavy waste items such as soil, concrete or bricks.

Skip Bin Size

The next thing you will need to consider is what size bin you will need. Skip Hire Melbourne have a range of skip bins starting at 3m right up to large 24m commercial skip bins. It is generally a good idea to hire a skip bin a one size bigger, that way you don’t get caught out not having enough room to fit everything.

Skip Bin Placement

Once you have decided which bin you require and what type of rubbish will be going in it you will need to decide where to put the bin. Bin placement is important so that it is in a convenient place for you to load the bin. Our drivers are very skilled in bin placement and we will work with you to work out the best place for the skip bin to go. Most of our skip bins can fit easily into a standard sized driveway. Although the larger skip bins may require extra space. You might decide the driveway is the most convenient or on your front lawn. Some customers do prefer the skip bins to be placed on the road or nature strip. Or for business we can place the skip bin in a car park or for building sites we are happy to place the skip bin on site.

Delivery Date and Pick up Date

Finally, you will need to decide what dates are suitable for you to hire a skip bin. Skip Hire Melbourne offer skip bin hire of up to four days. We can deliver a skip bin to your property Monday to Friday from 7am to 4:30pm and Saturday mornings up until 11:30am. At the time of booking we will discuss with you if you prefer a morning or afternoon pick up time. We offer a two hours delivery window to allow for any unexpected delays. At Skip Hire Melbourne we take pride on delivering your skip bin on time as requested and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have regarding skip hire.