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Our family business

Unlimited Bins is 100% Australian owned and operated.

We began our journey with just one 3m3 bin on wheels and we have come a long way since. We now service a large part of Melbourne with over 100 bins suitable for domestic and commercial use.

The majority of our staff are long term employees of Unlimited Bins, making us very experienced in the bin hire industry.

  • Reliable service

    Unlimited Bins takes great pride in providing a reliable and efficient bin hire service.  With many years experience in the Waste Management Industry, we know the importance of offering our customers a service that they can rely on.

  • Great support

    Our friendly staff are all experienced and can advise you what your bin hire requirements would be for the waste type you need to dispose of. We are available to answer any questions you have and will support you to select the correct bin size you will need.  We provide guidance and advice when it comes to hiring a bin, including correct placement on site, Council Permit requirements and also the correct size bin for the type of waste you need to dispose of. 

  • Service with Heart

    From your initial contact with Unlimited Bins, we aim to deliver a professional and friendly service.  We ensure that we deliver and collect our bins in a timely manner making your bin hire experience with us hassle free and one you can rely on.


Unlimited Bins offers efficient and cost effective walk in bins to cater for all your waste removal jobs. Located in Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs, we have been providing friendly and reliable bin hire services for over 15 years. We focus on offering our customers an excellent waste removal service, whether it be for domestic, commercial or industrial use.

We have a range of bins to assist in Waste Management for our customers. We offer walk in bins starting at 2m³ up to a larger commercial size of 12m³. We deliver bins to all areas of the Northern Suburbs, inner city Suburbs and the CBD. We offer bins that are suitable to carry a wide range of waste materials, including green waste, general household waste, renovation/builders waste and landscaping waste. Our bins are all walk in bins, therefore making it easier for you to load.

It is important to us that we provide a quality bin hire service that our customers can rely on. We ensure our customers receive the highest quality service, that is also friendly and knowledgeable.


Unlimited Bins not only provides excellent customer service, we also provide you with high quality and presentable walk in bins. Our uniformed drivers will deliver bins in a professional and friendly manner in our specially branded trucks. Our friendly staff are all long-term employees and are always on hand to happily answer any questions you may have regarding your bin hire requirements. We will discuss with you the waste type you need to dispose of, your on site access requirements and will also work with you to give you any further advice you need to get rid of your unwanted rubbish.


At Unlimited Bins we understand how important it is to recycle. Each day we see the amount of waste that is produced. Therefore, we work hard to make sure we are doing our part to reduce the carbon footprint. Recycling is not only essential for businesses big and small, it is also essential for every household. Recycling can help reduce the size of landfill sites in our Country, which in turn, is great for the environment.

Unlimited Bins offer a range of walk in bins that are suitable for different waste types. We recycle concrete, green waste, bricks, metal, whitegoods and e-waste. At the time of booking we make every effort to gain an understanding of what type of waste will be going in the bin and therefore offer you the right bin for your needs. Once your bin is full, our driver will collect and transfer the waste to carefully selected Waste Management Centres in Melbourne’s North. After a lot of research, we have carefully selected these transfer stations because we are confident that every effort will be made to ensure the waste will be managed correctly and what can be recycled will be recycled.

At Unlimited Bins we continue to do our part to reduce the carbon footprint and help make a sustainable environment.


Depending on where you need the bin to be placed, you may require a Council permit. Most Councils require a Permit to place the bin on Council Land, being the road or nature strip.

We arrange the Permit on your behalf so you are covered with the correct Public Liability Insurance that is required to place the bin on Council property. As all Council Permit costs vary, depending on what Council you are with, please contact our office to discuss prices.