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Victoria Ban Single Use Plastic Bags

Victoria has now banned single use plastic bags. The ban came into effect on November 1st, ensuring most retailers no longer use plastic bags. This is a great step in the right dir ...

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Recycling Efforts at Skip Hire Melbourne

At Skip Hire Melbourne we understand how important it is to keep recycling everyday. We see the amount of waste that is used, day after day we collect bins full of rubbish. There a ...

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4m Convertible Skip Bin

Skip Bin Hire Hiring a skip bin can seem a bit overwhelming for some people who are unsure of what can and can’t go in a skip bin. It can also be a little confusing trying to fi ...

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Why Hiring a Skip Bin is Beneficial

Waste and rubbish is a part of everyday life, and there are so many different types of waste.  Sometimes you might find yourself with a little extra waste and you will need to fin ...

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