4m³ Walk In

Our 4 cubic metre walk in domestic and industrial bins allow for different-sized items and types of waste. Unlimited Bins hire bins are created to suit the specific needs of local customers. These skips are strong enough to be used for both domestic and industrial waste, and can hold materials including:
  • Metals
  • Wood
  • Green waste
  • Concrete/soil
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Builders / renovations
  • General household waste

To arrange hire bins in Melbourne, place an order through our online quote system. For more information on hiring skip bins Melbourne-wide, contact us today online or on (03) 9460 5333.

4m Walk In Specs

We have both high-sided and low-sided 4m models. The dimensions of these two options are:
  • Length: 3.0m
  • Width: 1.6m
  • Height: 0.84m
Truck Clearance
  • Height 2.4m
  • Width 2.7m (including mirrors)
  • Rear of Truck 2.2m
  • Length: 3.6m
  • Width: 1.9m
  • Height: 0.60m
Truck Clearance
  • Height 3m
  • Width 3.1m (including mirrors)
  • Rear of Truck 2.6m
Which model suits you depends on the type of waste removal you are undertaking. For example, larger items may require a high-sided model to ensure that there is no overfilling of hire bins. Melbourne road laws require that loads to be transported are no higher than the sides of the container.

Exceptional Service

If you do not have a driveway with this height and width clearance, domestic and industrial bins can be placed on nature strips or roads with local council permission. We can arrange council permits for skip bins Melbourne-wide for an additional fee.Standard domestic bins and industrial bin hire is for a period of 1-3 days. Extra days are charged out accordingly. Unlimited Bins can arrange domestic and commercial bin collection according to your needs.