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Bathroom Renovation

Over the last six months many Melbourne residents have decided now is the time to take on some home renovating.  Your renovation might be a small job around the house such as a fresh coat of paint in the bedrooms.  You might have a larger scale kitchen or bathroom renovation planned.  Whatever the task there is bound to be some planning to ensure things run smoothly and efficiently.

Planning your bathroom renovation

Bathroom Renovation Rosanna

While it is great to get on top of the odd jobs around the house, this year has been a great opportunity for many to begin a renovation project at home.  With channel 9s The Block screened on our TVs throughout lock down, it has been inspiring to see some great looking renovations, including some amazing bathrooms.

When it comes to renovating you may have so many great ideas to turn an old and tired looking bathroom into a new and fresh space.  As you think about and plan the amazing things that will make your bathroom look great it is important to remember the amount of waste that may accumulate during your renovation.

Bathroom Renovation Waste

Once you have started the planning and made decisions on what your new bathroom will look like you can make a start on clearing out the old bathroom.  Making a start on your bathroom renovation will include removing and demolishing old vanities and baths, floor, and wall tiles.  This is where most of the waste comes from.  Bathroom renovation waste can include timber, plaster, tiles, and of course any old showers, baths, toilets, cupboards, and vanities.

Bathroom Renovation Skip Bin Hire

Unlimited bins have a range of skips available ready to help with your bathroom renovations waste.  We can deliver a skip bin to your door making waste removal a simple and easy task. Getting rid of your bathroom renovation waste does not need to be a hassle.  We make waste removal easy and convenient.  Let us know how we can help with your waste management during your next renovation project.

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