Recycling Efforts at Skip Hire Melbourne


At Skip Hire Melbourne we understand how important it is to keep recycling everyday. We see the amount of waste that is used, day after day we collect bins full of rubbish. There are so many different types of waste, everything ranging from landscaping waste to office waste. So, what happens to your skip bin once it is collected? When your skip bin is collected we have already discussed with you what type of rubbish will go in the skip bin. This helps us get an idea of the best site to take the bin to.

Local transfer stations

After a lot of research we have chosen to deliver our full skip bins to a few local transfer stations. These transfer station are local to the northern suburbs and we know that the waste will be managed correctly. We deliver specific skip bins to different sites because we know that every effort will be made to recycle a particular type of waste. For example, we would never send a skip full of concrete to a site that doesn’t recycle concrete.

Green Waste Recycling

Skip Hire Melbourne have skip bins that are suitable for all your green waste. You might be doing a big spring clean of your garden. As we know everything grows quickly in spring and it can be hard to keep on top of. A great idea is to hire a skip bin to help get rid of all your green waste. Weeds, plants, grass clippings, leaves, tree branches all can go straight in the skip. Once we collect the bin we will take it directly to a transfer station for recycling.

Concrete Recycling

You might find yourself with a lot of concrete that is left over from a renovation or if you’ve just redone your driveway. Hiring a skip bin to get rid of excess concrete is hassle free. Once the skip is loaded we will collect it and our experienced drivers will take the bin to sites such as Alex Frasers for further recycling.When you book a skip bin through Skip Hire Melbourne you can rest assured that every effort is made to ensure what can be recycled is recycled. Not only is green waste and concrete sent for recycling, we can also recycle e-waste, timber, metal and much more.

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