Why Hiring a Skip Bin is Beneficial

Hiring a Skip Bin is Beneficial

Waste and rubbish is a part of everyday life, and there are so many different types of waste.  Sometimes you might find yourself with a little extra waste and you will need to find a way to get rid of it.  When it comes to waste it can be a bit overwhelming for a lot of people.  You have to think about where you will take it, how you will get it there, how much it will cost to dump, recycling options, weight limits.  This is when hiring a skip bin is beneficial to get rid of waste.

Skip Bins Are Cost Effective

Hiring a skip bin is a cost effective way to get rid of waste.  Here at Skip Hire Melbourne we have a variety of skip bins that are suited to many different waste types.  Whether you are cleaning out your home or require a skip for a building renovation, our skip come to you with no hidden costs.  At the time of booking we will give you the price of the skip and that is all you pay.  Provided the skip bin is loaded correctly and you let us know what you are putting in the skip there will be no surprise costs.

Skip Bin Convenience and Flexibility

Another great benefit of hiring a skip bin is that it is a very convenient and flexible way of getting rid of rubbish.  You get the convenience of having a skip bin right at your door step or close by on site.  This makes it easy for you to load the skip bin without having to cart your rubbish miles away.  Our skip bins are also all walk in bins which can take away a lot of the heavy lifting.  No need to lift heavy items over the side, you can simply walk them straight in.  Hiring a skip bin you will also have the flexibility of having the bin there when you are ready.  You won’t have to wait for tips to open or wait to loan a trailer off someone.  You can hire the skip bin on a day that suits you.

Reliable Delivery and Pick up times

Skip Hire Melbourne take pride in offering our customers a reliable skip hire service.  Not only do we deliver great skip bins at competitive prices.  We will deliver your skip bin on time and collect the bin on time.  At time of booking we will give you delivery and pick up times that you can rely on.

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